Own the trails with 16 feet of snow per year.

Get the machine ready. When you stay with us, you’ll have easy, fast access from our lodge to an extensive trail system made up of some of the best snow in all of Newfoundland & Labrador. Over 16 feet of snow annually.

Riding enthusiasts from this province can all agree that in many areas of Newfoundland, it’s up to chance how much snow you’re going to have on the ground at any given time. Planning riding trips in advance can be a lesson in frustration.

The land surrounding The Backlands is known for it’s consistent amounts of snow each year, and is looked to as the ultimate dream location for perfect day trips and longer riding expeditions. You’ll have access to groomed trails, but also get to rip through fresh powder or get a little more rugged with exciting mountain riding.

In fact, you may never find the same trail again it’s that big.